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Ryan's Hope is a place where you can learn to live


It is stated that 40%-60% of individuals who attend a drug/alcohol rehab program will eventually relapse. As of 2017, nearly 80% of inmates end up back in jail for committing the same or even worse crime than they had previously committed.


We believe this can change.

Ryan Hill ("Ryan" in Ryan's Hope) was the family member of the founders of Ryan's Hope. After losing him to a devastating drug overdose, God placed in them a desire to see as many saved from this horrific addiction as possible.


Our program will enable help in reinstating everything one would need to live again in society, free from addictions and crime. Through developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, discipleship training, character building, job opportunities and more, they will have everything required to re-establish themselves into society.

Our goal is to see those statistics changed and we believe, through the power of Jesus Christ, that it will happen. Every person was created and purposed by God; every person has the God-given right to live in freedom and joy. This is the hope of salvation through Christ; this is Ryan's Hope.

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