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My husband and I (the late Evangelist Steve Hill) were both saved from years of drugs, alcohol abuse, and crime in 1975. Our lives were completely transformed through the saving power of Jesus Christ! From there, we both attended Teen Challenge, went through David Wilkerson's Twin Oaks Leadership Academy, and went full time into ministry.


We worked for Outreach Ministries of Alabama, became Youth Pastors, missionaries, and senior Pastors. We learned Spanish and lived in Costa Rica, Argentina, Spain, and Russia sharing the Good News of the Gospel! Not long after that, the Brownsville Revival was born in Pensacola, FL and we saw thousands upon thousands give their lives to Jesus.

After several years of being missionaries in Argentina, Steve and I received a phone call informing us that a little baby boy needed parents and we soon adopted him, our sweet Ryan Michael. He became the joy of our lives as we traveled and continued to preach as missionaries.


As Ryan grew up, he had a desire to do media production. He was incredibly talented and we did everything we could to support his dream, however, my heart began to ache as I saw a shift begin in Ryan that was far too familiar to me from my days before I knew Jesus. I soon saw my boy, the one who was so full of life and excitement for the future, become entangled in the web of life-threatening drugs. As parents that rely on Christ, we prayed, contended, sought help, and looked after our boy the best we knew how. But after my husband passed away from cancer, I noticed Ryan's immense pain and frustration intensify.

That day soon came. The day every parent who has a child addicted to drugs fears. The day I received a call telling me they had found my baby, my son Ryan, gone in his apartment. At that moment it was as if all strength in my legs had drained and I immediately collapsed to the floor in disbelief. My Ryan was gone.

I'm sharing this with you because we believe with our whole hearts that Ryan loved the Lord, but he just didn't know how to live with his pain. Ryan's Hope was birthed to help others who feel the same way as Ryan did. My goal is to prevent as many mothers as I can from feeling the excruciating pain of losing a child.

I know that Ryan's Hope will be a beacon of light to those who desire to live life again. Our only hope lies in Jesus Christ and we put our trust in Him! This is a place that will help you fall deeply in love with your Savior so you can live in complete freedom in Him! This is Ryan's Hope.


Jeri Hill

Steve and Jeri Hill

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