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Having been raised by ministers, I often heard about people's experiences with God and testimonies of how He changed their lives. Although I read the Bible, went to Bible School, knew about God, I could never truly go back to a moment when I met Jesus for myself, not until a night that changed my life forever. In my living room, I cried out to Jesus and said, "God, I don't have a desire to know You, but I want to want to know You." In that moment, tears streamed down my face as I realized I finally met Him for myself.

Just a few years prior to that experience of meeting Jesus, my brother Ryan passed away of a heroin overdose. I remember sitting on the cold bathroom floor where he took his last breath and thinking in that moment that I had to do whatever it took to save other's from experiencing that same agonizing pain I felt.

Since that moment, I have had dreams and visions of seeing thousands of men and women completely set free from drug addiction, alcohol, and abuse. From that moment on, I decided I would not sit back and allow other little sister's to sit on a cold bathroom tile mourning the death of their big brother. Instead, I will see them overjoyed in knowing that their loved one was saved through the power that comes from knowing Jesus.

Ryan's hope is simple, its all about Jesus. He can set the captives free, heal the brokenhearted, restore the painful memories, and bring life back to anyone who is willing to receive. Knowing Him is knowing hope. This was Ryan's hope - only Jesus.

There is always hope,

Kelsey Morris

Jordan and Kelsey Morris

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